Say hello to ethical and sustainable fashion.

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Wear your commitment on your sleeve! (well, over your body really...).
2 black and 1 grey t-shirt with the text # I quit fast fashion written across them multiple times, with the logo Baobab Avenue at the bottom

Tell us why you quit fast fashion and get an entry to win one of 3 limited edition #IQuitFastFashion t-shirts, and then increase your chances of winning by telling your friends (and fans) about the movement.

Follow us on Instagram, post on social media with the hashtag #IQuitFastFashion, and share a link unique to you over email, WhatsApp or whatever other medium floats your boat.

Spread the word - fast fashion is so last decade!

Tee available in grey or black.

You must live in Europe for your entry to be valid.

Competition closes 31 January 2020.

WINNERS: will be announced by 07/02/2020

More about the #IQuitFashionFashion Tee

We've asked Rapanui to make these fab limited edition t-shirts and they don’t just shout #IQuitFastFashion they’ve also got ethical and sustainability in their very fibres.

  • Made from GOTS certified organic cotton
  • Supply chain powered by renewable energy
  • Dyed in factories where the waste water is purified to make it good enough to drink again
  • Rapanui are committed to the highest standards of social compliance for the people making their tees
  • And of course, to top it off you’ll get your t-shirt in plastic free packaging