Say hello to ethical and sustainable fashion.

I Quit Fast Fashion

Join the movement.

Say loud and proud “I Quit Fast Fashion”.

I quit fast fashion

The fast fashion industry will only change if we stop supporting them.

Let's commit to:

  • buying from transparent, ethical, and sustainable brands
  • buying less
  • buying second hand
  • swapping with friends

Win the T-Shirt

I Quit Fashion Fashion T-Shirt

Wear your commitment on your sleeve! (well, over your body really...).

We’re giving away 3 fab limited edition Ts to peeps who support the #IQuitFastFashion movement. Enter now!

Competition closed 31 January 2020. Soz! But don’t get too down - there’ll be more ops to win #IQuitFastFashion garb as the movement gains momentum.

Spread the word - fast fashion is so last decade!

The Quitters Wall of Fame

Join these awesome individuals on the Quitters Wall of Fame!

These dudes are already strutting their stuff on the slow fashion walkway.

Hear their tales of transformation, be inspired to get outta the fast fashion lane, go against the flow and go slow!

Veshoevius quit fast fashion
carina quit fast fashion
astrid quit fast fashion
selina quit fast fashion
fast fashion quitter Kristina Barrick