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sustainable sweatpants

Sweet Sweatpants on Sale

Organic cotton, bamboo, and Tencel sweatpants at great prices.

What vegans wear

It's never been easier to live vegan style from head to toe.

Vegan style for men

Embrace vegan style
ethical sustainable christmas gift ideas for men 2020

Christmas gift ideas for men

Ethically made gifts for men, created with sustainable materials.

Why choose ethical fashion

You care about the people that make the clothes that you love.
You need to do your bit for the planet for the generations to come.
You want to wear quality clothes that make you feel good.

I quit fast fashion

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We carefully vet all the UK based ethical fashion brands that we feature on Baobab Avenue to ensure that they use sustainable materials to create their clothing, shoes and accessories and that their products are ethically made.

We also look at how they handle their waste packaging, social impact and sustainable production.

If they don’t meet our (and your) high standards we don’t include them, simple.

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