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Tis the season for hats

By Lenny Balston, 27 Nov 2019

‘Tis the season to be jolly, ‘tis also the season to show off our finest sustainable hats. Made ethically from sustainably sourced materials.
ethical sustainable hats

‘Tis the season to be jolly! ‘Tis also the season that’s cold as ice lollies - so it’s of utmost import’ to have a cosy, keep your noggin’ ‘snug as a bug in a rug’ warm. And we have a beautiful selection of sustainable hats that are just the ticket.

Whether you’re after a splash of colour, playful pom-poms or a classic beanie we’ve got you (and your bonce covered). The bonus being that all these hats are made from sustainably sourced materials like wool and recycled PET - so you can enjoy the extra warm inner glow of knowing your hat has been kind to the environment and planet.

eddie ethically made merino wool hat

The Eddie Merino Wool Hat is a little twist on classic Chrimbo colours with the muted pink with classic red. It’s made from merino wool, it’s fantastic tassle is a combo of recycled wool and nylon.

snowdon ethically made merino wool hat

The classic Snowdon bobble hat in navy and blue is made in Britain from 100% merino wool, should give you an added bounce in your step as you don it confident that no sheep, peeps or the environment were harmed in its making

fairisle ethically made wool hat

The fabulous Fairisle hat is hand knitted from 100% wool, with some beautiful bright pops of colour in the classic Fairisle style. You might wanna check out the matching Fairisle cardigan too!?

lucy ethically made merino wool hat

Lucy Merino Wool Hat in navy, crowned with a sunshine pom-pom is made from 100% merino wool. It is hand finished in a solar powered knit factory in Nepal - as is apt for a hat with a woollen sun sitting proud on its top.

Keep your noggin warm this winter, keep conscious and consider the peeps, sheep and wider environment involved in the making of your wonderful winter woollen garb. Stay true to yourself, your ethics and support the ethical, sustainable brands who are doing the same as they go against the flow of fast fashion.

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Keep it real friends.