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8 Great Ethical Valentines Gifts For Your Gorgeous Girl

By Rai Musk, 6 Feb 2020

Love is in the air - oh yeah! Valentines day is on it’s way but have no fear Baobab Avenue is here to help with feel-fab ethical and sustainable gifts for your leading lady.
sustainable valentines gifts 2020

Valentines day’s a-coming - oh yeah! And this year Baobab Ave is here to ensure you nail it. No worries, no stress we’ve got you covered. If your girl has quit fast fashion and cares about the planet and the rights of peeps and animals the world over, it can feel a little daunting tryna find the perfect pressie for her. Something that complies with her conscious and lifestyle choices which she is gonna adore (nearly as much as she adores your fine self)!

I recommend you go minimal. Quality over quantity. One carefully considered pressie which communicates that you care about your wonderful woman and her values.

Soooooo to help you on your way I’ve gathered eight gorgeous ethical and sustainable gifts to inspire and motivate you as you hunt down the superlative something for your special someone.

Good luck and here goes!

sustainable valentines gifts cork clutch bag

Corking Cork Clutch

If your wonderful woman cares about the planet and wears her heart on her sleeve, give her this beaut of a bag and she can enjoy carrying a symbol of your shared lurve when she's out and about - with and without you. This fabulous vegan envelope clutch from Raw Angel Apparel marries together classic cork with a hot paprika (or a more muted natural) piñatex heart (made from pineapple leaf) choose the one your one an' only is gonna prefer!

Practical with an internal zip it’s surprisingly spacious - this glam bag has even featured in vogue so you can be confident it’s gonna be a hit - stylish but even more importantly eco and sustainably made.


sustainable valentines gifts mona necklace

Unique Necklace for your One-in-a-Million Gal

If your girl likes to wear ethical and sustainable jewellery you can’t go wrong with this stunning piece from Daughters of the Ganges, the Mona Necklace. Handmade with love by artisans in India, each piece has it’s own special imperfections - like us ladies ;P making us all utterly unique.

Even better when you purchase from Daughters of the Ganges, you’re contributing to the empowerment of several small-scale businesses and in the bargain playing a part in the development of their communities. Whoop Whoop!


sustainable valentines gifts pink sunglasses

Stunning Sunnies

If she’s your sunshine, your only sunshine who makes you happy when skies are grey - you may wanna invest in some shades for her (and you)! Even though it’s winter there are those super bright frosty days when the sun is low and bright in the skies and sunglasses are an essential bit of kit.

These gorgeously girly and pretty quirky kitsch Farai’s 60s-style flamingo pink shades are just the ticket. From Parla Eyewear the crystal acetate frames extend the colour all over! Boom! If that special bod in your world is passionate about helping those less advantaged them themselves they’re gonna be over the moon with these shades; as your gift to you guy is also gift to many others! For every pair of these Farai sunglasses sold, Pala gives a pair of spectacles to eye-care programmes in Africa! Oh yeah - demonstrate you care - for your girl and for other peeps as well.


sustainable valentines gifts colourful cheeky knickers

Naughty But Nice Knickers

Stripe and Stare have an incredible range of box sets of colourful pretty pants. I am a HUGE fan of these super-soft undies - personally I like their striped designs - but you’ll know what’s gonna float your girls boat so go check out the selection available. They come in all colours and are designed by women for women. Kind to the planet they’re made from trees from sustainable forests, kind to your wonder-woman. They arrive in a beautiful gift box - the ideal present - boxed and good to go.


sustainable valentines gifts ipad sleeve

Pretty Patterned Practical iPad Sleeve

This practical pressie is top notch for the tomboys amongst us. Covered in super subtle hearts in groovy green, this ethically sourced cotton iPad sleeve from Mayamiko is just the ticket. The fabric is hand picked especially for you and your girl from local fabrics market in Malawi, where Mayamiko work with a local cooperative of women traders to source the most exclusive prints and they only enough to produce a very limited number of pieces.

There are only 10-15 pieces ever made in this exclusive fabric; this means that fabric and colour imperfections are possible adding to the uniqueness of the pieces, rather than representing a defect or fault. Unique through and through just like your one and only.


sustainable valentines gifts stud earrings

Super Cute Heart Studs

Say it loud, say it proud but also stay subtle and ethical - pretty challenging but no worries I’ve found just the way to do just that! People Tree have these simple stunning heart stud earrings in both silver and brass. Hand made and Fair Trade silver plated copper, heart stud earrings (nickel free). Made in Kenya providing opportunities for people who have physical disabilities.


sustainable valentines gifts yellow messenger bag

Bright and Cheery Bag

Bring some sunshine into every day with this beaut of a bag from Elvis and Kresse. It’s vegan it’s recycled, it’s stunningly stylish and perfectly practical. This is a pressie that’s gonna be greatly appreciated and used day in, day out - a constant reminder of your love for each other, the planet and all the other creatures we share it with.

Made from genuine decommissioned fire-hose with reclaimed military-grade parachute silk lining. Previously deployed fighting fires around the UK for 30 years, the hose is perfectly robust for an every day bag and the full length flap, with hidden magnet closures, will keep your girls valuables safe. Not just eco and stylish it’s also über practical and fits a 13” laptop. Even better news your gift for your girl also gives to charity as 50% of the profits go to The Fire Fighters Charity.


sustainable valentines gifts striped scarf

Splendid Striped Scarf

As I’ve already mentioned I’m a sucker for stripes, they've managed to sneak in at the very end of my post with this super soft splendid scarf from Foxology. Perfect for your foxy lady they are knitted using luxurious soft 100% Geelong lambswool in Leicestershire, this extra long scarf is double thickness for bonus warmth. The perfect gift for any lover of colour, quality and timeless style.

The lambswool is fabulously soft to touch and is spun in Scotland. Each scarf comes wrapped in tissue paper and ribbon, ready as a gift to your lovely lover. The merino wool Foxology uses leaves an incredibly light footprint on the planet, is recyclable and fully biodegradable. They also source non-mulesed merino so all their sheep are happy sheep.


Soooooo there you go - a starting point to inspire and motivate you. You've got this, I tot's believe you're gonna nail it.

I'd love to hear what you went for and how ecstatic your girl was when she opened your thoughtful, considered pressie, demonstrating that you get her. It's all we want - to be understood (oh - and to enjoy shared values, wicked humour, fab food, brilliant bonking, snuggles, walks in the wild... mmmmm the list goes on).

Have fun celebrating your love with your gorgeous girl, appreciating the planet and the peeps who made the gifts you give this Valentines Day.

Big love from the Baobab Ave Team